Nashville’s Natives

My newest photography book “Nashville’s Natives” is now available for $35, including shipping. This is signed by me with the stories of the people I have met in Nashville. Order below!


I went back to the familiar alley I had been down before. He asked me if I had an extra bucket to sit on. I didn’t but instead, I sat and we talked. He is a Vietnam Vet living in Nashville. He asked if I could buy him cigarettes so I did. I asked him for a picture. He had the kindest eyes. So because I did him a solid I asked him if he could introduce me to some of his friends. We walked for a good hour through town…

“Shania Twain owns this whole block. She was filming a video and she said to me ‘Raymond, can you get a little bit behind me here?’. She was so nice, she didn’t even make me leave and she knew me by name”.